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Ben Whelan



The Halifax-born defender has a number of strong defensive attributes which include his tackling and ability to win aerial duels. He’s also a threat in the opposition penalty area from set pieces.

Nickname: Wheels.

Favourite film: A Star is Born.

Favourite TV series: Friends; I can relate to it and I like the sarcastic humour.

Favourite holiday destination: New York.

Favourite artist/band: Sam Fender and Adele.

Favourite app: TikTok because of the humour.

Favourite sportsperson: Marcelo Bielsa; the way he studies and breathes football inspires me.

A player you play like: Carlos Puyol because he plays when the time is right but takes no nonsense at the correct moments.

Biggest joker in the squad: Louis Bonser.

Your initiation song: John Barnes’ rap; it went very bad as I was nervous.

Hobbies outside of football: Spend time with my family.

Matchday superstitions: A cold shower before the match and to always be the first one out.

Which player would you like to play alongside: Liam Cooper; he’s always been the player I look up to as he defends with passion.