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Mansfield Town introduce new finance option for ‘standard’ season tickets

12 June 2023

Mansfield Town are pleased to introduce a new, interest-free direct debit option that enables supporters to spread the cost of their standard-price season ticket across seven months.

After midnight tomorrow (Friday 09 June), supporters can purchase season tickets applicable to the general pricing structure and can make use of a new, interest-free direct debit option to help spread the cost of their season tickets.

The club’s early bird season ticket window – which has already seen an outstanding 3,900 season tickets sold - is set to close at midnight tomorrow.

For supporters wishing to utilise the direct debit option for a standard season ticket, please note that a £20 administration fee is applicable to cover the cost of administering the scheme.

The direct debit plan will be available when registering for a season ticket via after midnight on Friday 09 June or you can visit the ticket office at One Call Stadium from 10am on Monday  12 June, where a member of the club’s ticket office staff will be happy to assist in completing your direct debit application.

Standard season ticket prices are as follows:

Ian Greaves Upper & Lower Tier



Price per Game




Senior (65+)



Young Adult (18-21)



Junior (14-17)



Child (7-13) **



Under 7 **






 Quarry Lane



Price per Game




Senior (65+)



Young Adult (18-21)



Junior (14-17)



Child (7-13) **



Under 7 **






** Must be bought with an adult. No child under the age of 14 will be permitted into the ground without an adult 

***Carer tickets are classed as free of charge if the person they are caring for is on the higher or enhanced rate of Disability Living Allowance or PIP.


Direct Debit Scheme Terms & Conditions

Terms valid for season tickets purchased via Direct Debit for the 2023-24 Season onwards unless replaced by revision.

Definitions in these Conditions of Sale the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:

“Club” means Mansfield Town Football Club Limited and derivatives there of i.e. Mansfield Town FC.

“Direct Debit Scheme” means the system in which the Club offers to spread the cost of a Season Ticket to supporters.

“Conditions of Sale” means these terms and conditions governing the issue and sale of a Season Ticket purchased via Direct Debit.

“Direct Debit” means a payment service for debiting a payer’s payment account, where a payment transaction is initiated by the payee on the basis of the payer’s consent.

“Season Ticket(s)” means any card ticket (physical or digital) issued by the Club for admission to Matches.

“Season” refers to the current football year in which matches are played. For the avoidance of doubt this would be described as ‘the YY-YY Season’ or ‘the 2023-24 Season’. i.e. the 23-24 Season, or the 2023-24 Season.

1.1 By purchasing your Season Ticket on the club’s Direct Debit Scheme you agree to be bound by the Terms of Contract in which you:

1.1.1 Agree to pay for the Season Ticket by way of seven-monthly instalments specified in the terms of the Club’s offer pursuant to which you apply and grant the Club and our third party Direct Debit supplier OPF permission to take payments from the account you specify on the direct debit mandate.

1.1.2 Agree the cost of the Season Ticket will be paid over seven (7) monthly instalments, with the first payment to be made prior to the start of the season. The price of the Season Ticket using the Direct Debit Scheme is the same as paying in full with an addition of £20 administration fee to cover the cost of administering the Scheme.

1.1.3 All monthly instalments will be taken out on the dates specified in the instalment letter. It is not possible to choose a specific instalment date.

1.1.4 An attempt to take any payments which fail on the scheduled date will be made 3 working days later. At this point, if the payment is still not made it will be considered a missed instalment and subject to a £12 default administration charge per missed instalment.

1.1.5 Any supporter who has missed an instalment will be contacted to discuss the missed payment. If for any reason your Direct Debit is cancelled, you are responsible for ensuring payment of the instalment by alternative means.

1.1.6 If a supporter misses an instalment this will result in the in the Season Ticket and customer number linked to the missed instalment being blocked. The Season Ticket will be deactivated and will not permit entrance to the One Call stadium. No additional tickets can be purchased under the customer number while it is on hold – this applies to all Season Tickets paid for by the same Direct Debit Mandate. Once payment of the missed instalment(s) (including any default administration charges) has been received in full, the account will be unblocked and all Season Ticket(s) and customer number(s) reactivated.

1.1.7 Any supporter who has two outstanding instalments on their account at any time will be contacted and given seven days’ notice to make the relevant payment to update their account. Failure to make the relevant payment within seven days will result in the Season Ticket being cancelled and the Club will reserve the right to re-sell the allocated seat. If a ticket is cancelled by the Club the supporter will receive no reimbursement for any instalments already paid and the full amount of the Season Ticket which remains outstanding will immediately fall due. The Season Ticket will only be reactivated if the supporter then pays the full amount due.

1.1.8 Any supporter who fails to clear their balance for a previous season will be required to clear the balance on their account before their account is allowed to make any purchases.

1.1.9 If your scheduled payment is returned unsuccessfully twice, on your second failure, we reserve the right to request any remaining payment in full and/or terminate your direct debit and cancel your Season Ticket with immediate effect.

1.1.10 Any supporter who has missed Direct Debit instalments three times during the season will not be eligible to renew their Direct Debit the following season.

1.1.11 If there is an outstanding balance on a customer’s account then any season ticket benefits will also be restricted until such a time that the balance is settled.

1.1.12 Any season ticket is issued in accordance with Ground Regulations and the Safety at Sports Grounds Act 1975 as amended. You will not receive any refund on your season ticket if it is cancelled at any point for a breach of the Ground Regulations.

1.1.13 Your season ticket is sold in accordance with the Club’s season ticket terms and they should be read in conjunction with these Terms and Conditions surrounding direct debit purchases.


Direct Debit Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I purchase my 2023-24 season ticket through direct debit?

  1. Yes, Season Tickets purchased at the General Sale price are eligible to be paid under the Club’s Direct Debit Scheme.

  2. How do I apply for direct debit?


A . In the process of registering your season ticket online via, you will be given an option to choose direct debit. After this has been selected and submitted, you will receive a link to set up the direct debit on the subsequent confirmation e-mail. Alternatively, you can visit the club’s ticket office at One Call Stadium where a member of the ticket office staff will be happy to assist you in setting up your direct debit,


  1. Why is the cost spread across seven months and not 12?
  2. As the season doesn’t typically run for a full 12-month period this allows the Club to ensure payments are received in line with the deason duration.

  3. What happens if I do not pay the direct debit?
  4. Should you fail to pay your direct debit, your season ticket along with any others that fall within the same direct debit payment plan will be suspended. Full details are included within the direct debit terms and conditions.

  5. When will my first direct debit payment be taken from my account?
  6. Within seven days of the registration to the direct debit system the club will arrange the registration and initial application to arrange the direct debit. Therefore your first payment will be taken a minimum of seven days following you completing the direct debit instruction.

  7. Can I cancel my season ticket or direct debit payment part way through the season?
  8. No. You may amend your payment method to pay the remaining balance in full instead of via direct debit by contacting the ticket office however the outstanding balance must be paid in full.

  9. Is this direct debit package a credit agreement?
  10. No. There is no credit agreement in place for this agreement. The direct debit represents a monthly payment plan.

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