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Read: CJ Hamilton phone interview

25 March 2020

We spoke over the phone with CJ Hamilton to get an update from the Stags' winger. Here's a full transcript of the interview...

CJ firstly, how are you maintaining physical fitness during this self-isolation period?

The club are sending us a programme every day to complete and then we have to send them a message when we’ve done it. I’ve been out on the lawn, running round the park and doing my fitness regime there.

How much, per day, are you doing in terms of physical exercise?

We get given three runs which can be all done at once. You can do one run, have a little breather in between then go onto the next one.

Self-discipline must be quite important at this time.

Yeah, 100 per cent. Everyone’s been told to stay at home, and if we follow the rules, all of this stuff can be done more quickly. Obviously, we can then move on.

And how are you keeping active mentally?

I phone my family every day and try to keep myself busy. I play a bit of PlayStation and I have my girlfriend with me, so we watch movies and stuff.

Generally, what does this situation feel like to you?

It’s a weird one because I don’t think anyone has ever experienced this before. When you get told not to go out, it’s hard because everyone wants to go out and do things, but it’s safer for everyone to stay in.

As long as everyone can stick to doing that, we can get through this thing and everyone can go back to normal.


So what do you make to the government lockdown?

I think it was needed, but maybe even a couple of days earlier. As soon as they told certain people to stop working, everyone started going out and meeting each other, which is the total opposite of what you’re supposed to do.

You can spread infection around that way, and it could affect a lot of people that are trying to help people in the NHS, along with elderly people if you’re going out socialising and passing it on.

I think it’s a good thing that it [lockdown] has come now because everyone can stay in and self-isolate.

Would it matter if the season resumed or not?

This is a tough one, because the first thing you want is everyone to be healthy. If it means calling off the season, then it has to be done as people’s lives are at stake.

But there is another point of view where people want to finish it, as the amount of hard work that teams have done to try and get their clubs to a better position, you’d be throwing that away.

It’s one of them ones where you have arguments on both sides, but health comes over everything.

And as one of the fittest players in the squad, would you offer any tips or advice to anyone who is wanting to stay fit and physically active during this self-isolation period?

Even me and my girlfriend have been out for a walk or a run just for a bit of exercise, to get some air into your lungs and try and stay fit and mentally healthy.

The weather has actually been alright so to go out for a run or walk, even a short one, you come back in and you’ve given yourself that bit of exercise.

Anything from a run or a walk, anything like that can always be beneficial towards you.

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