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Why grassroots' football should be showered with fresh investment

18 September 2017

Grassroots football is something which the football community continues to talk about and I think we are all in agreement that it is an extremely important part of football in the UK.

However, despite all of this, hundreds of non-league clubs fold every year, and I think it’s up to the upper echelons of the football world to support our grassroots teams – giving them the guidance and funding they need to kick on.

The FA has said that one in five adults plays football, and the number of people playing football in the UK is expected to carry on rising.

There are players playing for Premier League teams right now who might have never played the game without the support and infrastructure which our grassroots community provides - and it’s important to remember that without the foundations, top level football would crumble away as talented young players struggle to find a place to play.

However, grassroots isn’t just about providing top flight clubs with a steady flow of young talent – it has a purpose which is much more deeply rooted in English football. Thousands of young adults and teens play football every week across the country, and the grassroots community is what allows them to do this.

If the support and opportunities weren’t there it would result in a percentage of the population losing perhaps their only pastime and leisure hobby. It has become a cliché that sports ‘take children off the streets’, however I think that it has a huge grain of truth to it.

Grassroots football gives countless youngsters and adults a chance to have fun and enjoy themselves. Football is something which can have a positive impact on people’s lives and this is why it is so important.

Football is a community like no other, and the sense of kinship and friendship within the game is unrivalled in my opinion.

This is why grassroots football is so important – not just to the lower league sides, but also to everyone who is involved in the game – from local teams all the way to the top flight of the game.

Grassroots football is something we should all get behind and that’s why at Mansfield support our local teams.

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