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Customer Charter 2016-17

23 June 2016

Mansfield Town committed to providing an excellent service to its customers, through all relevant mediums.

The club strive to play football at the highest possible standard, while continuing to represent the town of Mansfield, in a professional ambassadorial capacity, as such being a source of pride for those associated with the town.

Mansfield Town F.C. is totally committed to the creation of a sustainable community, family-friendly environment, making matchday experiences more appealing to every individual. Furthermore, Mansfield Town F.C. is committed to the development of young individuals, both locally and further afield, in sporting areas, whilst allowing for equal and accessible opportunities for everyone.

Mansfield Town F.C. also prides itself on being a welcoming and open organisation, which is happy to listen to the concerns and complaints of our supporters, and those of other football clubs.

Contact Details

Contact with the club can be made by the following methods:

By Post: Mansfield Town F.C, One Call Stadium, Quarry Lane, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
NG18 5DA

Telephone: 01623 482 482

Normal office hours are 10:00 to 17:00 (Monday to Friday). For weekend home match days with a 15:00 start, staff are available between 10:00 to 15:00.

We endeavour to respond to any letter, fax or e-mail within seven working days of receipt of such communication. If it is not possible to provide a full response to the issues raised within that time, an acknowledgment will be sent and a detailed reply will follow within 28 days of receipt of the original communication. For all justifiable complaints, in circumstances where this is not possible, we endeavour to keep the complainant informed of the progress.

The preferred medium for response to concerns and enquiries is either by telephone during office hours, or by e-mail. As such, a suitable phone number or e-mail address is requested to be included upon correspondence to the club, which can allow for the aforementioned contact.

Should any supporter be unsatisfied with the club’s response to their complaint, then the Customer Services Department at the EFL can be contacted either by sending an e-mail to, calling 0844 335 0183 or by writing to The EFL. Edward VII Quay, Navigation Way, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 2YF.

In the event that a supporter wishes to take the matter even further then The Independent Football Ombudsman can be contacted by sending a letter to Suite 49, 57 Great George Street, Leeds, LS1 3AJ.

Staff Conduct

Every Mansfield Town F.C. employee is expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and responsive manner, during all dealing with customers. Nevertheless, the club do, therefore, expect that our customers treat our employees in a courteous manner as well.

Mansfield Town F.C. has both equal opportunities and anti-discrimination policies in place, and it is our commitment to eliminate all forms of discriminatory behaviour. Under no circumstances will any type of discriminatory behaviour be deemed acceptable by Mansfield Town F.C. 

The usual of foul and abusive language, racism, homophobia, or threatening behaviour is strictly forbidden, and will result in arrest and/or ejection from One Call Stadium.

Mansfield Town F.C. also recognises its responsibility towards the safety and well-being of children and young persons, who participate in activities arranged by our ‘Football in the Community’ team. Therefore, a formal Safeguarding Policy is in place, which ensures that all employees adhere to it accordingly.


Mansfield Town F.C. regularly consults with its supporters through fan-liaison meetings and other meetings with representatives of fans’ organisations.

Mansfield Town F.C. publishes its position on major policy issues in the club programme, and on its official website. In the event of any proposed changes to club policy, early notice of the proposed changes shall be published in the aforementioned mediums, to enable those supporters with concerns to express their views. Once this has occurred, a final decision on the proposed changes shall be made.

The club also pledges to comply with EFL Regulation 111: ‘The Government's recent Expert Working Group (EWG) Supporter Ownership and Engagement discussions, means senior executives at clubs will be required to, 'hold at least two meetings/fans forums per season to which its supporters (or representatives) are to be invited in order to discuss significant issues relating to the Club.’


Mansfield Town F.C. will seek innovative ways to widen the spectator access to our fixtures, which take place at One Call Stadium.

Mansfield Town F.C. shall offer an appropriate band of ticket prices, and also operates a scheme which enables supporters to pay for season tickets by instalments prior to the start of the season.

Supporters wishing to purchase home match day tickets may do so either:

- In person at One Call Stadium, Quarry Lane, Mansfield.
- By telephone on 01623 482482

Those supporters who purchase tickets by telephone can either collect their tickets at One Call Stadium or have them sent out by post to the address provided at the time of purchase, for an additional charge of £1.50.

For a weekend match, the latest time that tickets will be sent out by post is at 17:00 on Wednesday. For a midweek match, the latest time that tickets will be sent out by post is at 17:00 on Friday.

Mansfield Town F.C. intends to make at least 5% of tickets for every home match available to non-season ticket holders. However, the club reserves the right to vary arrangements at its discretion for individual matches, but as much notice as possible will be given.

Ticket Office Details 

The Ticket Office is located on Quarry Lane at the front of the club office facilities, which is adjacent to the club car park at One Call Stadium.

Normal office hours are 10:00 to 17:00 (Monday to Friday), but opening hours are extended until 19:45 for home midweek matches. For weekend matchdays with a 15:00 start, opening hours are 10:00 to 15:00.


A Senior Citizen concessionary-rate ticket is available to supporters aged 60 or over, whilst discounts are also available to Young Adults are aged between 18-21 and juniors aged between 7 and 17.
Mansfield Town F.C. provides an exclusive area for spectator use of family groups, which includes junior supporters. This exclusive area is located in ‘Blocks A’ of the Ian Greaves Stand (Lower Tier). A family ticket allows a one adult and one child to watch a match for just £18,

The club also provides support for disabled spectators and their carers. Disabled spectators are admitted at a concessionary rate, when proof of their high-rate disability is shown. Carers are admitted for free, but only when accompanying the disabled person.

Season Ticket Concessions

Season Tickets are available at a concessionary rate to a wide-range of supporters in the applicable age categories:

Under 7s must be aged 6 or younger on 06/08/2016
Senior Citizens must be aged 60 on 06/08/2016
Young Adults must be aged 18-21 on 06/08/2016
Juniors must be aged 7-17 on 06/08/2016

A student may apply for a season ticket at the concessionary rate if they are registered on a full-time learning programme at a recognised education centre in the United Kingdom on, or shortly after, Saturday 2nd August 2014.


Tickets for first team matches at One Call Stadium are available by pre-sale at least one week prior to the scheduled date of the event. However, we aim to always try and have five first team matches on our ticketing system.

Tickets can be purchased from the Ticket Office, or, alternatively, by phone on 01623 482482. A fee will be charged for customers who purchase their tickets using a credit card.

Away Fixture Pre-Sales

Tickets for some away fixtures may be sold in advance at One Call Stadium. However, this is only applicable when the pre-sale of tickets is requested by the host club. In this instance, tickets will be sold at the prices dictated by the host club.

Duplicate Ticket Procedures

Should a Season Ticket Holder forget to bring with them their season ticket for any particular fixture, they would be required to visit the One Call Stadium Ticket Office.

The supporter’s Season Ticket would be cancelled for that particular fixture, and they would be issued with a paper ticket, which they could then use to gain entry into One Call Stadium.

Ticketing Terms & Conditions

Tickets for matches at One Call Stadium are strictly non-transferable and cannot be re-sold to any third parties. In addition, tickets cannot be used as a prize in any lottery, competition, or newspaper, without the prior written consent of Mansfield Town F.C.

Spectators are not permitted to bring to, or use within One Call Stadium, equipment which is capable of recording material (either visual, audio or audio-visual) in relation to the event.

Spectators who wish to purchase, or who hold, a concessionary ticket, may be required to produce evidence of their entitlement to such a ticket.

Spectators attending matches at One Call Stadium must comply with, and adhere to, ground regulations at all times. Spectators that are found to be in areas which have are reserved for opposing supporters will be ejected from One Call Stadium, with no re-admittance or refund given. Furthermore, if any spectator is found to be in breach of any ground regulation, they will be ejected from One Call Stadium and may face a ban from club premises.

Refunds on tickets are only possible in the event of a fixture being re-arranged and when the original ticket is returned to One Call Stadium.

Mansfield Town F.C. accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen tickets.

Abandoned Tickets

If a fixture is abandoned before half-time, a replacement ticket will be offered to spectators for the re-arranged fixture. However, for any fixture that is abandoned after half-time, then no such arrangement will apply. Under these circumstances, spectators may be charged full price admission for the re-arranged fixture.

Replacement ticket arrangements are structured as follows:

Season Ticket Holders would be unaffected as their season ticket would be automatically validated for the re-arranged fixture.

Individuals who have purchased paper tickets would need to retain their match ticket for the re-arranged fixture.

Visiting Supporters Information

Visiting supporters will be located in the covered North Stand. This is an all-seater stand that can accommodate 1,715 supporters. Facilities, such as toilets and refreshment kiosks, will be available within the concourse of this stand for the use of visiting supporters.

Tickets for visiting supporters are sent to the visiting club at least two weeks prior to their fixture at One Call Stadium. Under no circumstances shall Mansfield Town F.C. sell tickets to visiting supporters for this, or any other, area in One Call Stadium. Tickets can only be purchased by away supporters prior to a matchday and will not be sold on the day of the game.

Disabled Spectators Information

Mansfield Town F.C. provides support for disabled spectators and their carers. Disabled spectators are admitted at a concessionary rate, when proof of their high-rate disability is shown. Carers are admitted for free, but only when accompanying the disabled person.

One Call Stadium has five specific disabled areas. These are located in ‘Block C’ of the Quarry Lane End, ‘Blocks C & F’ in the Ian Greaves Stand (Lower Tier) and ‘Blocks B & D’ in the North Stand.

Disabled toilets are available in the concourse area within each respective stand.

Stewarding, Crowd Control and First Aid
Our stewarding operation will, at all times, reflect the very best professional standards so that control of situations is maintained as they arise. Training and development of our stewards is actively promoted in order that they gain the necessary skills required to respond calmly and knowledgably in any emergency.

The safety and welfare of spectators, players and staff is of paramount importance to Mansfield Town F.C. and our stewards have an indispensable role to play. In accordance with the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (‘Green Guide’) and the Safety Certificate issued by Nottinghamshire County Council, events at the stadium require the attendance of Medical Services, specifically:
In the event of the expected crowd attendance being at capacity levels, these numbers may be reviewed and increased according with the Green Guide. 

A skeleton First Aid service will be in attendance when the gates are opened for admission of the public, prior to a fixture.

A link to our ground safety regulations can be found here.

Supporters' Conduct

The club wants every supporter to be part of the passion at One Call Stadium in a safe, secure and enjoyable environment. Therefore, we are committed to preventing people from behaving in a manner likely to jeopardise the safety or enjoyment of others, or to bring discredit on the club.

Anyone attending matches at One Call Stadium must abide by the stadium regulations which are displayed on notice boards at all entrances to the stadium and at other high visibility positions. A copy of the ground regulations can also be sent to anyone on request by telephoning the Club Reception on 01623 482482 or e-mailing

If the club becomes aware of any person having been convicted of or involved directly in a football related offence (whether at the club's ground or otherwise) or having been in serious breach of any Ground Regulations, it will, in consultation with Nottinghamshire Police, or the relevant Police Authority in the case of an away match, and representatives of the Club's Supporters' Group, make a decision as to whether that person should become subject to a club exclusion order. Each case will be judged on its own merits and the length of any ban will depend on the severity of the offence and with regard to any breach of the club's Ground Regulations.

Catering & Hospitality 
Mansfield Town F.C. prides itself in both the quantity and quality of the catering provision at One Call Stadium. An in-house team of chefs and kitchen staff provide an excellent first-class catering service to all of our hospitality guests. 

Within One Call Stadium, there are nine catering kiosks. These are situated as follows: 

2x Quarry Lane End
2x Ian Greaves Stand (Lower Tier)
4x Ian Greaves Stand (Upper Tier)
1x North Stand

Each food kiosk serves a wide variety of high standard, good value food and drink, including sausage rolls, pies, burgers and bottled soft drinks. Alcohol is also sold, but due to Ground Regulations, this cannot be consumed in sight of the pitch.

Our hospitality and commercial packages represent excellent value-for-money and we are committed to being able to tailor packages to suit the needs of all of our customers.

For more information about our matchday hospitality options, please contact our Commercial Dept. on 01623 482482.

Car Parking

Our club car park at the rear of the Quarry Lane Stand is reserved for the use of players, staff and match officials on matchdays.

However, parking spaces in the car park adjacent to the Ian Greaves Stand can be booked on a match-by-match basis by calling 01623 482482.

Smoke-free Policy


This policy has been developed to protect all employees, members, visitors, customers and supporters from exposure to second-hand smoke and to assist compliance with the Health Act 2006.

Exposure to second-hand smoke increases the risk of lung cancer, heart disease and other serious illnesses. Ventilation or separating smokers and non-smokers within the same airspace does not completely stop potentially dangerous exposure.


It is the policy of Mansfield Town Football Club and the Field Mill Stadium and conference facilities that all our covered areas are smoke free, and all employees, members, visitors, customers and supporters have a right to enjoy the benefits of a smoke free environment. This policy came into effect on 1 July 2007. Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed and substantially enclosed premises, this includes company vehicles. This policy applies to all employees, members, visitors, customers and supporters.


Overall responsibility for policy implementation and review rests with the Chairman and Board of Directors. However, all staff are obliged to adhere to and support the implementation of the policy. The person(s) named above shall inform all existing employees, servants and agents of the policy and their role in the implementation and monitoring of the policy. They will also give all new personnel a copy of the policy upon recruitment/induction.

Appropriate 'no-smoking' signs will be clearly displayed at the entrances to and within the premises, and in all smoke free company vehicles. 

Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are not permitted to be used on a matchday as they will give the wrong impression to supporters around the stadium. To allow their use would cause confusion and possible confrontation between stewards and supporters.  Monitoring their use would be hugely difficult throughout the stadium.


Mansfield Town F.C. has a shop at One Call Stadium, which sells a wide range of club-related merchandise. Items are tailored to suit all age groups, whilst a broad pricing spectrum is also available within our retail outlet.

Community Activities

Everyone at Mansfield Town F.C. embraces our hard-working Football in the Community department. Full details of our wide-ranging and varied community-based activities and initiatives can be found within the Football in the Community section of our club website,

The club will continue to co-operate on joint-ventures through local public authority’s particular schools and colleges, business, commercial, charity and voluntary organisations.

We also ensure that management, players and officials support community programmes by attending various events throughout the course of the season.

Furthermore, the club launched an initiative during the 2013/14 campaign, whereby 100 free tickets are issued to Football in the Community per fixture, which are then distributed within local schools.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Mansfield Town F.C. is committed to achieving best practice and being a good corporate citizen. This involves, but is not limited to, adherence to industry standards and reporting frameworks. 

Environmental Policy

Mansfield Town F.C. acknowledges that our activities impact the environment. Therefore, we strive to be environmentally friendly. We seek opportunities to minimise the resources that we consume, thereby ultimately limiting waste. We shall acknowledge environmental legislation and regulations, and aim to exceed them wherever possible. We shall document, communicate and educate employees, shareholders and investors about our policy, and encourage them to participate. We shall also encourage recycling in partnership with our Waste Disposal partners.

Charity Policy

As part of the club's policy of serving the local community, Mansfield Town F.C. are pleased to support non-profit making organisations. The club wants to support charities and voluntary organisations and understands the importance of their fund raising efforts.

However, each year Mansfield Town F.C. receives a high volume of requests for worthwhile causes and events. Due to this demand, the club has an agreed limit on donations each season and cannot guarantee that all requests will be granted.

In order to make this process as fair as possible and to ensure that all requests have the opportunity to be processed, the club has compiled the following guidelines for organisations to follow:

Cash donations/sponsorship will not be considered. Development of Junior Football, school organisations or Community groups which benefit young people will be given preference.

We operate a policy of supporting requests within a reasonable geographical vicinity to Mansfield Town F.C.

Requests will be limited to one donation request per calendar year for each organisation.

The club gives preference to locations within which our Football in the Community team operate or organisations with whom the team already work with.

The donations cannot benefit specific individuals or families, and must be for a registered charity or UK-based charitable organisation.

All requests are subject to club approval, are not guaranteed, and will not be considered unless the above criteria can be met. Furthermore, all requests must be submitted in writing on the organisation’s letter-headed paper, at least one month prior to the date of the event.

Requests should be sent to Main Reception, One Call Stadium, Quarry Lane, Mansfield, NG18 5DA or sent by e-mail to

Good Causes 
Every year, the EFL nominates a charity for that season. Mansfield Town F.C. commits to providing fundraising assistance to this charity for the duration of the football season. Occasionally, the club may choose to adopt their own charity for the season. Full details on this can be found on

Supporter Liaison Officer (Contact Details) 

Our Supporter Liaison Officer is Sam Murphy. He can be contacted by calling 01623 482482, or e-mailing 

Data Protection

Mansfield Town F.C. may collect data on customers from postal enquiries, ticket enquiries and telephone enquiries. The information that would be retained is your name, address, contact number and e-mail address. This information would be retained by Mansfield Town F.C. in accordance with the Data Protection Act. As such, customers are entitled to request to view information about themselves which may be held by Mansfield Town F.C.

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