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Do you know the changes to the laws of the game?

18 July 2016

The International Football Association Board have changed a number of the laws of the game ahead of the 2016/17 season.

'The ball' is the only law which hasn't been changed, with alterations being made to every other section ahead of the new campaign.

A brief overview of the rule changes are as follows:

Law 1 - The field of play
- Artificial and natural surfaces cannot be combined
- Logos/emblems of FAs, competitions etc. are allowed on corner flags (not posts) but no advertising (same restrictions as for the ball)

Law 3 - The players (new title)
- A match may not start/continue if a team has fewer than 7 players
- A player can now be sent off (but not cautioned) before the kick-off

Law 5 - The referee
- A decision cannot be changed if play has restarted or the referee has left the field of play at the end of the half
- If a player is injured by a foul which results in a red or yellow card, the player can have quick assessment/treatment on the field and not have to go off; any non-quick treatment will require the player to leave the field of play

Law 8 - The start and restart of play
- The ball must clearly move to be in play for all kicked restarts
- The ball can be kicked in any direction at kick-off

Law 10 - Determining the outcome of the match
Kicks from the penalty mark:
- There is no need to tell the referee which players will take kicks or the order
- If one team loses a player during the kicks (injured, sent off) the other team removes one player (the same as at the end of the match)

Law 11 - Offside
- The halfway line is 'neutral' for offside; player must be in opponents' half
- Players' arms and hands (including the goalkeepers) are not considered when judging offside

Law 14 - The penalty kick
- If the goalkeeper moves early and causes the penalty kick to be re-taken, the goalkeeper will receive a yellow card
- If the ball is kicked backwards it is an indirect free kick

Law 15 - The throw-in
- The ball must be thrown with BOTH hands and not thrown with one hand and 'guided' with the other

Law 16 - The goal kick
- If a goal kick is kicked into the kicker's own goal it is a corner kick to the opponents

Law 17 - The corner kick
- If a corner kick is kicked into the kicker's own goal it is a corner kick to the opponents

A complete summary of the laws can be downloaded here.

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