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News round up with Adam Murray

6 January 2016

Here’s a round-up of the main points from manager Adam Murray’s news conference this morning, including news of a potential signing before the weekend

Murray on...

January transfer window

“We’ve had a chat with the chairman and he’s as proactive as always. We’re hoping that with what we can do, we’re going to try and get someone in over the next couple of days that I feel will affect it. At the minute we lack that final pass, that little cutting edge – I think we’ve got goals in us, but sometimes we get into positions and the final cross isn’t right, the final pass isn’t right, the final execution isn’t right.

“The chairman is proactive so he’s given me the go-ahead to try and find that body that I feel will make a difference, so that’s what I’m going to do. Because of our small squad we’re not going to be able to go out and find three, four players. 

“We’ve seen over the first part of the season [that] any injuries [sustained] shakes the life out of us, it really does. 

“[We want] somebody that can create and score a goal – and somebody that can excite people. Our brand in the first quarter [of the season] was free-flowing, I was proud of it, I know the fans were. I want us to get back to that.”

Matt Green’s, injury situation better than feared

“It’s not as bad as we expected, he’ll be touch-and-go for the weekend but it was diabolical if I’m honest with you [the challenge leading to his injury against Accrington]. The kid’s cleaned him out and the ref’s ten yards away and he’s actually told me he didn’t see it.

“It killed us to be honest. At that point, even though we could’ve gone in at half-time at 4-4, we could’ve gone in at 4-1 down or gone in at 3-1 up. Greeny [said] ‘I don’t think I can run gaffer, I don’t think I can carry on’ so I said ‘I need you, [for] ten minutes, see if you can get through it.’ Matt being Matt, 'no problem' – after five minutes [he said] ‘I can’t move’. 

“That change let them (Accrington) off the hook because he (Matt Green) had the back four on toast. The first 45 minutes on Saturday, he ran them ragged, every time he got in he looked like he was going to score. 

“It’s his quad [affected], but it’s had a knock-on effect to a couple of other bits, it’s not a simple one where it’s one muscle – it’s had an effect on his joint and we’re trying to wait for that to settle down, hopefully sooner rather than later.”

Adi Yussuf out through injury

“Adi’s going to be out for about three weeks. Bless him, he’s tried because he knows that we need him, even if it’s for ten minutes [and he] gets a chance. But he came on on Saturday and after the game he apologised. 

“He said, ‘look I tried to give you everything gaffer but I can’t move. I tried to turn’ - it’s his groin so he’s struggling.”

Chris Beardsley's injury

“Chris has had a stress fracture and he’s got to go and see another specialist. At the minute he’s only training once a week so in that area we’ve had limited options of what we can do.”

Ryan Tafazolli's absence from the line up 

“I’ve had a good chat with Taf (Ryan Tafazolli) over the last couple of weeks – no one’s come in for Taf, let’s get that one right, there’s been no offers on the table for Taf. 

"Taf has been a big part of this so far [but] over the last few weeks I don’t think his performances have been the Tafazolli that we saw at the start of the season.

“Can he be one of the best defenders in League Two? Yes, 100%. But he has to be on it every game.

"Taf wants to be here, his focus is on Mansfield Town for the next six months. After that, it’s Taf’s decision then – he’s obviously out of contract in the summer, he wants to do what’s best for Ryan, I’d do what’s best for me. 

“He wants to be part of this, he’s going to give his all for the cause. He’s one of the best defenders we’ve got when he’s on it. Taf will come in to play when I feel the time’s right, there’s nothing like we’ve left him out because we’ve got a bid. It’s not that, we haven’t had any interest in Taf. 

“I love him as a player, as his manager. I want Ryan to be here for the next few years. There’s a target where I’m taking this football club, if I have to drag people kicking, screaming, moaning and crying, I’m going to do it.

“I’m trying to change something here – I want Ryan to be a part of that. I could turn around to Ryan and say, ‘look, I promise you [in] four years we’re going to be top of League One. Get on board’. 

"And I could guarantee you [of that], he might sign a contract tomorrow, but Ryan wants to play at the highest level. What he’s going to do for the here and now; he’s going to commit himself, like he has done in the time he’s been here. He’s going to put his body on the line for Mansfield Town and that’s all we can ask for.”

Liam Lawrence rumours

“I hadn’t heard about it until someone mentioned it to me. I know Loz (Lawrence) very well, I played with him. I haven’t spoken to him since we played there [Shrewsbury] last year. No idea where that one [the rumour] could’ve come from.

“At the stage he’s at now, he’s probably like the midfielders we’ve already got – technical ball players when we probably need a Jack Thomas. We need the legs and the energy.”

Blair Adams’ future

“We’ve asked the question obviously (about extending his stay at the club) – we haven’t got a definite answer on that. I’ll be asking the question again today because I want it done [the extension of his loan from Notts County] this week.”

Nicky Hunt returning to training

“I think he expected to be in the squad on Saturday! He’d only trained two days by then. We tried him again a little bit more intensely at the start of this week and he’s done okay. It’ll be about how he’s reacted to the last two days’ work. If he reacts well, we’ll see if he’s in a position to start [for Saturday versus Stevenage], if not he’ll be on the bench. 

“[Mitch Rose] is a young pup who’s not a right-back. It’s like Lee Collins, he’s an experienced lad [but] he’s not a right-back. It shook our shape, it shook our balance – we’ve hung Mitch out to dry a bit because we haven’t had any more options. We’ve got Mars (Liam Marsden) who hasn’t played games so to throw him in would’ve been more detrimental to Mars than it has Mitch.

“To have Hunty’s, not just his ability as a right-back but his distribution, his composure, his know-how, his experience, his attacking threat that he gives us; we’ve lost all of that so at the minute I’ve got him in cotton wool, a quilt and got him locked in my garage!”

Mal Benning resuming training

“I’ve got a date in my head but I’m not letting you lot [the media] know. He’s doing really well, at the minute it’s all going to plan.

“Mal’s back running now. It’s a super sight to see – him and Nicky Hunt back on the training ground makes me happy.”

Conor Green, who is to be released

“We’ve made a decision on Conor [and] we’ve had a meeting with Conor. We don’t feel in the immediate future Conor will affect the first team. He’s a great lad, he’s one of these that we have, and we will continue to do everything we can for him. 

“I know he’s had a career path that he’s lined up as a physio, so we’ve put in place that he’s going to come in and work with our physios to get some experience before he goes into uni which will ultimately give him the life experience of being a physio. What we do for all of our 'young pups' that we have; if we can’t find them another club to get the best out of them, we’ll help them with their life skills and life [in general].”

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