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Customer Charter

15 July 2013

Mansfield Town Football Club

Mansfield Town F.C. is committed to providing an excellent service to its customers, through all relevant mediums. The club strive to play football at the highest possible standard, while continuing to represent the town of Mansfield, in a professional ambassadorial capacity, as such being a source of pride for those associated with the town of Mansfield.

Mansfield Town F.C. is totally committed to the creation of a sustainable community, family-friendly environment, making matchday experiences more appealing to every individual. Furthermore, Mansfield Town F.C. is committed to the development of young individuals, both locally and further afield, in sporting areas, whilst allowing for equal and accessible opportunities for everyone.

Mansfield Town F.C. prides itself on being a welcoming and open organisation, which is happy to listen to the concerns and complaints of our supporters, and those of other football clubs. 

Contact with the club can be made by the following methods:

By Post:

Mansfield Town Football Club
One Call Stadium
Quarry Lane
NG18 5DA



01623 482 482

Normal office hours are 10:00 to 17:00 (Monday to Friday). For weekend home matchdays with a 15:00 start, staff are available between 10:00 to 15:00.

We endeavour to respond to any letter, fax or e-mail within seven working days of receipt of such communication. If it is not possible to provide a full response to the issues raised within that time, an acknowledgment will be sent and a detailed reply will follow within 28 days of receipt of the original communication. For all justifiable complaints, in circumstances where this is not possible, we endeavour to keep the complainant informed of the progress.

The preferred medium for response to concerns and enquiries is either by telephone during office hours, or by e-mail. As such, a suitable phone number or e-mail address is requested to be included upon correspondence to the club, which can allow for the aforementioned contact.

Staff Conduct

Every Mansfield Town F.C. employee is expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and responsive manner, during all dealing with customers. Nevertheless, the club do, therefore, expect that our customers treat our employees in a courteous manner as well.

Mansfield Town F.C. has equal opportunities and anti-discrimination policies, and it is our commitment to eliminate all forms of discriminatory behaviour. Under no circumstance will any type of discriminatory behaviour be deemed acceptable by Mansfield Town F.C. 

The usual of foul and abusive language, racism, homophobia, or threatening behaviour is strictly forbidden, and will result in arrest and/or ejection from One Call Stadium.

Mansfield Town F.C. also recognises its responsibility towards the safety and well-being of children and young persons, who participate in activities arranged by our ‘Football in the Community’ team. A formal Safeguarding Policy is therefore in place, which ensures that all employees adhere to it accordingly.


Mansfield Town F.C. regularly consults with its supporters through fan-liaison meetings, and other meetings with representatives of fans’ organisations.

Mansfield Town F.C. publishes its position on major policy issues in the club programme, and on its official website. In the event of any proposed changes to club policy, early notice of the proposed changes shall be published in the aforementioned mediums, to enable those supporters with concerns to express their views. Once this has occurred, a final decision on the proposed changes shall be made.


Mansfield Town F.C. will seek innovative ways to widen the spectator access to our fixtures, which take place at One Call Stadium.

Mansfield Town F.C. shall offer an appropriate band of ticket prices, and also operates a scheme which enables supporters to pay for season tickets by instalments before the start of the season.

Supporters wishing to purchase home matchday tickets may do so either:

- In person at One Call Stadium, Quarry Lane, Mansfield.
- By telephone on 01623 482482

Those supporters who purchase by telephone will be required to collect their tickets at One Call Stadium as no match tickets will be posted out.

Mansfield Town F.C. intends to make at least 5% of tickets for every home match available to non-season ticket holders.

Mansfield Town F.C. reserves the right to vary arrangements at its discretion for individual matches, but as much notice as possible will be given.

Ticket Office Details 

The Ticket Office is located at the front of the club office facilities, which is adjacent to the club car park at One Call Stadium.

Normal office hours are 10:00 to 17:00 (Monday to Friday), but opening hours are extended until 19:15 for home midweek matches. For weekend matchdays with a 15:00 start, opening hours are 10:00 to 14:30.


The Senior Citizen concessionary rate is available to all supporters over the age of 60.

Mansfield Town F.C. provides an area for the exclusive spectator use of family groups, which includes junior supporters. This exclusive area is located in ‘Block H’ of the Ian Greaves Stand (Lower Tier), with tickets priced at £40 for a family group (two adults and two children). Each junior must be accompanied by an adult.

Mansfield Town F.C. also provides support for disabled spectators and their carers.

The admission price for disabled spectators is determined by their age. Carers are admitted free-of-charge, but only when accompanying the disabled spectator. 

In order to qualify for a disabled & carer ticket, proof of high-disability allowance is required, which should be shown at the ticket office at the time of purchase.

Season Ticket Concessions

A Senior Citizen may apply for a season ticket at the concessionary rate if they have reached the age of 60, on or before August 8th 2013.

A junior may apply for a season ticket at the concessionary rate if they are under the age of 16 on August 8th 2013.

A student may apply for a season ticket at the concessionary rate if they are registered on a full-time learning programme at a recognised education centre in the United Kingdom on, or shortly after, August 8th 2013.


Tickets for sporting events at One Call Stadium are available by pre-sale at least one week prior to the scheduled date of the event. 

Tickets can be purchased from the Ticket Office, or, alternatively, by phone on 01623 482482. A fee will be charged for customers who purchase their tickets using a credit card.

Away Fixture Pre-Sales

Tickets for some away fixtures may be sold in advance at One Call Stadium. However, this is only applicable when the pre-sale of tickets is requested by the host club. In this instance, tickets will be sold at the prices dictated by the host club.

Duplicate Ticket Procedures

Should a Season Ticket Holder forget to bring with them their season ticket for any particular fixture, they would be required to visit the One Call Stadium Ticket Office.

The supporters’ season ticket would be cancelled for that particular fixture, and they would be issued with a paper ticket, which they could then use to gain entry into One Call Stadium.

Ticketing Terms

Tickets for matches at One Call Stadium are strictly non-transferable and cannot be re-sold to any third parties. In addition, tickets cannot be used as a prize in any lottery, competition, or newspaper, without the prior written consent of Mansfield Town F.C.

Spectators are not permitted to bring to, or use within One Call Stadium, equipment which is capable of recording material (either visual, audio or audio-visual) in relation to the event.

Spectators who wish to purchase, or who hold, a concessionary ticket, may be required to produce evidence of their entitlement to such a ticket.

Spectators attending matches at One Call Stadium must comply with, and adhere to, ground regulations at all times. Spectators that are found to be in areas which have are reserved for opposing supporters will be ejected from One Call Stadium, with no re-admittance or refund given. Furthermore, if any spectator is found to be in breach of any ground regulation, they will be ejected from One Call Stadium and may face a ban from club premises.

Refunds on tickets are only possible in the event of a fixture being re-arranged and when the original ticket is returned to One Call Stadium.

Mansfield Town F.C. accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen tickets.

Abandoned Matches

If a fixture is abandoned before half-time, a replacement ticket will be offered to spectators for the re-arranged fixture. However, for any fixture that is abandoned after half-time, then no such arrangement will apply. Under these circumstances, spectators may be charged full price admission for the re-arranged fixture.

Replacement ticket arrangements are structured as follows:

Season Ticket Holders would be unaffected as their season ticket would be automatically validated for the re-arranged fixture.

Individuals who have purchased paper tickets would need to retain their match ticket for the re-arranged fixture.

Visiting Supporters Information

Visiting supporters will be located in the covered North Stand. This is an all-seater stand that can accommodate 1,774 supporters and has 21 wheelchair spaces, allowing for a total of 1,795. Facilities are available in the concourse of this stand for use by visiting supporters.

Tickets for visiting supporters are sent to the visiting club at least one week prior to their fixture at One Call Stadium. Under no circumstances shall Mansfield Town F.C. sell tickets to visiting supporters for this, or any other, area in One Call Stadium.

Disabled Supporters Information

Mansfield Town F.C. provides support for disabled spectators and their carers. 

The admission price for disabled spectators is determined by their age. Carers are admitted free-of-charge, but only when accompanying the disabled spectator. In order to qualify for a disabled & carer ticket, proof of high disability allowance is required, which should be shown at the ticket office at the time of purchase.

One Call Stadium has five specific disabled areas. These are located in ‘Block C’ of the Quarry Lane End, ‘Blocks C & F’ in the Ian Greaves Stand (Lower Tier) and ‘Blocks B & D’ in the North Stand.

Disabled toilets are available in the concourse area within each respective stand.

Data Protection

Mansfield Town F.C. may collect data on customers from postal enquiries, ticket enquiries and telephone enquiries. The information that would be retained is your name, address, contact number and e-mail address. This information would be retained by Mansfield Town F.C. in accordance with the Data Protection Act. As such, customers are entitled to request to view information about themselves, which may be held by Mansfield Town F.C.

Car Parking

Our club car park at the rear of the Quarry Lane Stand is reserved for the use of players, staff and match officials on matchdays.

However, parking spaces in the car park adjacent to the Ian Greaves Stand can be booked on a match-by-match basis by calling 01623 482482.


Mansfield Town F.C. has a shop at One Call Stadium, which sells a wide range of club-related merchandise. Items are tailored to suit a wide-range of ages, whilst a broad pricing spectrum is also available within our retail outlet.

Further inquiries:

If you are unsatisfied by the club's response, or for any reason, the club has not responded to any supporter, The Football League’s Customer Service contact details can be found below:

Customer Service Department
The Football League Limited
Edward VII Quay
Navigation Way

T: 0844 335 0183

Details of the Independent Football Ombudsman can be found here:

The Independent Football Ombudsman
Suite 49
57 Great George Street

Advertisement block